The endless conversations through the night

that healed the rip in my heart, dried up the tears 

wish I could carve them in stone,

the gentle brush of your fingers trailing down my arms

I feel it thousand fold on my sensitized skin

my lock of hair that gets tucked by those magical fingers

trail my forehead again and again

so that I can feel that tenderness anew

the sinewy arms that keep me prisoner

willingly I sojourn in that tender manacle 

that makes me feel secure

the sensuous lips that discovers the

planes and valley of my nape stay there till eternity

wish I could capture these moments for aeons to come,

the heart that listens to my confused ravings

continue to listen so,

the mind that guides me to 

understand the cosmos that is beyond me

continue to do so without duress,

memories safely tucked  away endure

as I have promises to keep.