Meandering thoughts………..


October 2014


Meandering through-

the journey began wittearsh hope

dried down to a trickle

promises forgotten, shackled to duty

so many forks the beginning forgotten

hand in hand with loneliness she plodded

reprieve in the form of wild wind

a mirage of oasis

the road stretches ahead

meandering to the destination unseen

through the window of my heart

trickled out my soul

while loneliness kept vigil




soulHe is waiting

passively he stood

to step in….to reap the soul,

enveloped with love

every smile is borrowed

every word is counted

every hug is monitored.

The bony arm -stay away

do not touch my loved one

foul breath do not waft in

to pollute the living essence,

hold on my loved one

you are on borrowed time

he is out there

standing patiently , dispassionately

to reap you in.




peepholeTen minutes”, he said……….Legs on their own accord rushed to the mirror, while the khol rimmed eyes checked the shimmery lips. The slender arms smoothed down the dress anxiously and tucked the tendrils of hair that was caressing her face lovingly, behind the ears decked with ¬†crystals that danced around when she flicked her hair back. The long hand embraced the short hand , proclaiming the hour and the end of the much awaited ten minutes. She wore down the floor between the door and the window through which she would see his beast of a car.The long hand inched away from the embrace and he still was not there….Through the curtains she peeped again , the sky was painted with hues of orange and red, boisterous children riding their cycles and chasing each other, old ladies going for a walk chanting slokas, young girls giggling while walking, she saw everyone except him. The door bell rang and she ran to open the door,not to find him but the flower vendor. Her breath cane out in gasps as if she climbed a steep mountain and when the door bell chimed again she spied through the peep hole to see the face she longed to see. She took deep breaths to calm her nerves and opened the door to him, who witnessed a vision of serenity before him. Kavini

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