The earthy smell of rain

assuaged my senses and my memories

left far behind

that haunts like a melody long forgotten

getting drenched to the soul

while the rain drops kissed and caressed

like that of a lover

The earthy smell of rain

creates the craving 

for the hot, lip smacking savouries 

mother dished out

which burnt my lips and tongue

to be kissed better

by the clear droplets of rain

rainy day

The earthy smellof rain

hands yearn to hug

friends who sat with me on the bed huddled sharing

the warmth,memories and promises

with rain bearing witness to those lazy afternoons

that looks like a hazy 

black and white picture in the album

that is never flipped through

The earthy smell of rain

evokes the hunger 

to recapture the spring of my life

hugs of my mom, reprimands from dad

shared laughter with friends

careless dancing in the rain

gentle,kisses and hugs from you 

fills up my soul with warmth

the earthy smell of rain.