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December 2014

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The temple of learning,
the gates breached

the garden of fun,became the burial ground

to settle  down scores ,the innocence massacred

Their books never to be read,the toys never to be played with

the hands that would never hug, would never work

words  never to be articulated, to rage nor comfort

boys will never become men,girls never to become women

innocence frozen in death

dreams snuffed at the hands of men who have lost their soul

the blood rushed out to witness the heartless attack of barren men

one more number to be engraved , the survivors carrying the cross

paid the price for naught things they did

the thirst of blood was paid in full by innocence

west winds bear witness to massacre

the lofty heavens bear witness to their sacrifice

men with soul bear witness to this macabre crime

rise as a tidal wave to wash out soulless beings that exist…



I preferred to climb trees

when girls played dress up games

I preferred to rappel down the sunshadesMisfit

when the others played hide and seek

I preferred cricket when others hop-scotched

I preferred to be friends with boys 

while others wanted boyfriends

when others did pooja do their mangalsutra

even I did

in the bank locker

feelings than symbolism drives me

People call me a MISFIT..


Deepam 1Deepam 2Deepam 3Deepam 4Radiance fills dark

chasing cobwebs of the mind

hope infuses soul….



The path stretches endless

the mounting despair bottomless

the gloom seemed seamless

the pain endured limitless

Clawing my way upTriumph

the bottomless pit

the elements conspired against me

The wrath of the wind

battered my spirit

But I plodded on….

The boiling Earth 

blistered my soul

But I plodded on…..

The raging water 

tried to drown my will

But I plodded on…..

From the deep recess of my soul

Unearthed my battered will

to claw myself up

through the mesmerising depth

only to find

there are mountains more to scale…..


Walk with me….

I stumbled

fingers curled over mine

I watched with wonder

as warmth spread through me,

in the jostling crowd

sinewy arms encircled my waistWalk with me

I felt secure,

The sure footsteps

neither walks in the front nor behind

but walk with me,

nor lord nor servant but partner

to sail through life….

If not I prefer to walk alone…….


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