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July 2015

Walk Down the Memory Lane – II

Down memory lane 2Under the stars….a memorable evening with my friends.

Favors that made love to my taste buds, stimulating conversation with old friends who are not that old and a great place where the waiters were neither harried nor hurried you along, with the olden goldies oozing out though the discreetly placed speakers that seduced my very soul. Is it too much to say that I found myself traversing back in time to my college days where all I had worry about was my grades.

Don’t worry I am not going to get teary or nostalgic, but narrate an incident that had my friends doubling with laughter while we were at college(it made me grit my teeth with frustration then….but now my lips curve on their own..)

I was doing my post graduation in a prestigious college in Chennai. My friend and myself were the official “court dancers “of our department; be it any function or seminar or workshop it always ended with one of our performances.

It was Christmas eve and we toiled over a piece of music , narrating the birth of Jesus through our dance. We had the audience enthralled with our movements which painted a better picture than words. The suffering of Jews, Joseph and Mary fleeing, finally the grand finale; the stars had guided us to the holy place and we had to kneel in front of the manger. The spectators were enthralled, every one holding their breath…….

And we knelt down, raised our hands in surrender and alas looked into the eyes of THE BOSS, as we all used to call him in college. He was not the Casanova nor the hero but his eyes danced with devilry and merriment all the time. He was the guy we turned to if there was problem, the guy even the lecturers listened to. We knelt down right in front of  him, with an earnest face waiting to be blessed by our master, the Lord and he rose to the occasion beautifully. He, the one who I call THE BOSS, lifted his right hand and blessed us both breaking the magic by which we had ensnared our audience. The entire gathering burst out laughing. The beautiful saga that we had enacted was turned into a fiasco just by that one action of his. Though I felt like throttling him, I grinned instead and took my bows, though the twitter of laughter took a long time to die down.

When I reflect on that incident, I peruse the incident and realized that, I remember it still because of that one action of his(blessing), which had the entire department laughing. I do not remember the other dances that we performed save this. I realized that sometimes in life the fiascos stay close to your heart than the hits.

I gain smile at the picture that is engraved in my heart, two girls with earnest expression leaning down in front of this guy whose eyes are twinkling with merry and lips curved with the devil-may-care attitude, blessing us.

Than you BOSS for this golden memory…




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