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November 2015

Why I Love Bahubali…..

Well as I said earlier I am a movie buff….and I fell in love with the movie Bahubali….Well as they say Love is blind even though I know that there are loop holes in the movie and its a proper commercial film I love it. Instead of Prabhas imagine MGR( Yester year Hero), and Instead of Rana imagine M.N.Nambiar(The best villain of Tamil movie Industry)…Voila! you have the traditional story of a son taking revenge for his father’s untimely death, but, I love Bahubali…..

My better half cannot understand the fascination I have for this movie…nor many of my good friends(they give me a weird look). Once a very good friend of mine asked me, “What is that you like to read?”, and I replied, “Adventure, thrill, Romance, fantasy……” and his irritated reply was, “Grow up!!!!!!!!!!  🙂   Though I read a variety of genres today, I still like the above mentioned rasas in my books and movies. I cry at movies when its a tragedy or to put in a nut shell I enjoy a well made movie that makes me enjoy the romance, fight or comedy.

Let me list a few my all time favorite movies……. I call them as my favorite because, some of the movies,even after so many years haunt me.

  1. Mouna Raagam(Tamil)
  2. Kadhalikka Neramillai
  3. Anand(Hindi)
  4. Aradhana( Hindi 1969)
  5. Khamoshi(1969)
  6. Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
  7. Empire of the Sun
  8. Life is Beautiful
  9. Pokkiri(Telugu)
  10. Bangalore Days(Malayalam)
  11. Bahubali.Bahubali

That does not mean I am blind to the loop holes in the movies, I am well aware of it however choose to over look it. I do not go to the cinemas to find logic, we have enough of it in our lives.

Here  it goes …the loop holes that I saw in the movie

  1. When Prabhas runs up to the waterfalls after he traces the heroine’s face in mud(with the help of the mask that fell down the falls) he runs bare hand. HE DOES NOT CARRY THE MASK WITH HIM. It is clearly seen the song that follows, he falls a billion of times and no where could he have safeguarded the mask on him.
  2. He climbs up to the place in the waterfalls,where he fell down the first time, when he is introduced, he was drenched in water the first time but the second time around he is not.
  3. When the heroine attacks him while he is trying to warm himself, he is talking to the mask. Where did it come from?
  4. The heroine attacks him, he leaves the mask behind and they are shown rolling down to the place where they sing a duet. He beautifies her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(If only it was that simple in real life!), all of a sudden the mask appears in his hand.
  5. While The evil King invites the soldiers to his chambers to find out who uttered the name of Bahubali in his statue revealing ceremony, Prabhas is shown getting in the room without a spear and shield however when he volunteers to speak to the king he has one in his hand.

I am sure there are many more missing links like this like any other movie. In spite of these odds I love this movie.

  1. Amazing Graphics: When Prabhas jumps of the waterfalls, we know that its is not real but you want him to make that leap anyways and succeed. The palm trees under the Huge elephants in the Kingdom…..amazing war scene, though it reminds you of a few other movies……I let myself be mesmerized. We have never seen such mind blowing grpahics in Indian Cinema before.
  2. The Music: The music was awesome…….especially the lingam song and Dheevara song….I keep humming some of the songs ..the theme song that keeps playing at the background is such an integral part of the movie.
  3. The Cast: What an mazing do not see the actors but the characters they portray only…Ramyakrishnan..Nasser…..Prabhas…Rana..Satyaraj
  4. Story Line: Time tested saga of betrayal and revenge.Its got all the elements that is needed for a good entertainer………..Romance…..courage…valor…trust……..betrayal…….humor……angst what more you need…
  5. Rana: While watching the movie I was always in the dilemma….do I ogle Prabhas or Rana. He oozed out evil by the way he looked and smiled. A hero is defined by the villain, unless there is a strong villain the heroism of the protagonist cannot be showcased properly.
  6. Prabhas: Last but not the least one more reason why I fell in love with this movie is Prabhas. Be it the playful Shivudu or the charming Amerandra Bahubali he rocked. I have seen a lot of his movies before Bahubali and to say that this movie is his career best will not be an exaggeration. As the loveable son, charming Prince, courageous warrior, fearless leader and seductive lover , he captivated me( Well his amazing Physique helped…)

Whenever I go gaga over this movie my daughter rolls her eyes at me…..(as I am sure some of you would too!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 )






Difference of Opinion…..

While I need you to partner me

you want nothing but to dominate

While I seek pleasure in pain

You believe pain is pleasure

While I yearn to walk with you

you want to walk ahead

While I believe in togetherness

you believe in being on your own

while I believe in everything

you believe in nothing….


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