Meandering thoughts………..


May 2018

Make Love

Cherish me as the wind does the leaves
Love me as the waves does the shore
Hug me as the dew does the flower
Kiss me as the sun does the dew
Kindle the fire in me
Before you devour me


A Kiss

The warmth of his palms
cradled her face
The gentle pressure of his lips on hers
Soothed and fired her soul
That was chilled to the bones



The void devoured me from within,

the bottomless chasm,

precious glitters nor meaningless action 

-the vacuum prevailed,

smile , you healed the rift





A Call from beyond the grave….

I was startled out of my reprieve when I heard my father answering the phone. With happiness and pain I listened to the conversation he had with my brother. What an oxymoron!!!!!!!!!

My heart swelled with pain and my eyes brimmed over with tears, which ran down my cheeks to find solace somewhere. Be still my heart  and focus my darting eyes that are in search for him who is no more. 

My daughter hugged me while I cried over the recording of my dad’s conversation with my brother. 

An accidental recording, an accidental discovery threw light on my apparent attempts at coping with the loss.


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