Meandering thoughts………..





The fire raged within

thoughts churned to birth clarity

genesis of identity.




Window to the soul

Vivacious was she

a ready smile on the painted lips

luscious body supple in cadence to the music

the window to the soul



There is No Hurry My Dear….


There is no hurry my dear

Seeing you flutter your wings

tugs my heart strings

was it yesterday I treasured you in my womb

now to see a young woman bloom..

There is no hurry my dear

hormones not blood course your veins

I foresee pain

you want to conquer mountains

bed of roses— the rough terrain

while your eyes sight the peak

grueling challenges to your heart does speak

my eyes search for pit falls

my love rushing ahead to sheath them all

There is no hurry my dear

I realize my folly

its the journey you need to walk

while I can walk with you not for you

Its your tears to shed

and my hands to hug and wipe

its your victory dance

while I stand in the stands and cheer

There is no hurry my dear

you still have not metamorphosed

stay in my cocoon for a while

There is no hurry my dear……


Drowning in silence

Drowning in silence

 neither desired nor golden

burden  I carry


Difference of Opinion…..

While I need you to partner me

you want nothing but to dominate

While I seek pleasure in pain

You believe pain is pleasure

While I yearn to walk with you

you want to walk ahead

While I believe in togetherness

you believe in being on your own

while I believe in everything

you believe in nothing….


No More…

No more, she broke the chains of duty

That bound her struggling her spirit

No more, the chains of expectation

that lashed her fluttering spirit

No more, the compromises in name of love

that robbed her identify

No more, aiming at perfection for imperfect souls

Hands straining, head thrown back

 with a heave

she laid down the burden of demands

No more, she stood regally

bound me with love but not duty…..




The pain ripped her apart

soul shredded to pieces

fragments too minute to put together

flickering hope snuffed

yet another search futile

pain radiating through every pore

anguish trickled tears

gathering her tattered soul

she yet again rose up

defying life as it yet again

tried to vanquish her


A Movie

I like going to the cinema

stares my family at me-an enigma

I love the out of life heroes

who leave my heart  in a throe

sometimes wonder about the female lead

more of a decorative piece instead

feed me  with vendetta

the protagonist pouncing like a cheetah

feed me with romance

that floors you with a glance

feed me with tragedy

I will wallow in misery

feed me with comedy

I will forget my anxiety

the smell of melted butter on popcorn

I wait for the next movie forlorn

I am great fan

of movies in my short life span…..









Soar high

I yearn to soar high

invisible bonds of love

shackle me to duty


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