Meandering thoughts………..



Drowning in silence

Drowning in silence

 neither desired nor golden

burden  I carry



Difference of Opinion…..

While I need you to partner me

you want nothing but to dominate

While I seek pleasure in pain

You believe pain is pleasure

While I yearn to walk with you

you want to walk ahead

While I believe in togetherness

you believe in being on your own

while I believe in everything

you believe in nothing….


Renewed Hope


ruins 1The magnificent ruin

bespoke of dreams shattered

the broken walls

echoing the broken spirit

the shattered window panes

standing witness to the shattered dreams

life once glorified

nothing but a shell with empty promises

where there is death, life valiantly fighting

through the scorched earth

a tendril of life




The path stretches endless

the mounting despair bottomless

the gloom seemed seamless

the pain endured limitless

Clawing my way upTriumph

the bottomless pit

the elements conspired against me

The wrath of the wind

battered my spirit

But I plodded on….

The boiling Earth 

blistered my soul

But I plodded on…..

The raging water 

tried to drown my will

But I plodded on…..

From the deep recess of my soul

Unearthed my battered will

to claw myself up

through the mesmerising depth

only to find

there are mountains more to scale…..


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