Meandering thoughts………..



No More…

No more, she broke the chains of duty

That bound her struggling her spirit

No more, the chains of expectation

that lashed her fluttering spirit

No more, the compromises in name of love

that robbed her identify

No more, aiming at perfection for imperfect souls

Hands straining, head thrown back

 with a heave

she laid down the burden of demands

No more, she stood regally

bound me with love but not duty…..



Walk with me….

I stumbled

fingers curled over mine

I watched with wonder

as warmth spread through me,

in the jostling crowd

sinewy arms encircled my waistWalk with me

I felt secure,

The sure footsteps

neither walks in the front nor behind

but walk with me,

nor lord nor servant but partner

to sail through life….

If not I prefer to walk alone…….


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