From a  very young age I have been fascinated by Lord Krishna.

The story of Krishna was all around me when I grew up, so you can say that I was immersed in stories of Krishna right from a young age.

The Krishna— who stole butter, who broke the water pots of the Gopikas, who showed the entire universe to his mother in his mouth, who stole the dresses of the Gopikas, who lifted the Govarthana mountain to save the people of Vrindavan, who killed the evil king Kamsa to liberate the people of Mathura, who became the charioteer for Arjuna during the Kurukshetra war  and who gave us the Bhagavath Gita.

How many stories have I heard about him that spoke about his love, valour, kindness, the list is endless.

A few days back I went to ISKON, International Society  for  Krishna Consciousness. Dusk was setting in, the birds were rushing back home. It was the time for the evening pooja(Prayer). A gentle breeze caressed my cheeks as people around me hurried into the temple.

I climbed a few steps and suddenly felt dizzy, I think it must have been my blood pressure that plummeted down to its lowest ebb. My husband who was worried about my pallor immediately rushed to my side  and wanted me to sit down on the steps.

Something egged me on, I did not want to sit down any where. I wanted to get inside HIS temple.

The chant of the prayer accosted my ears and my heart began to beat to the music that filled my entire being. The sound of the conches reverberated around the room.   

I stood in front of his idol and eyes that were filled with love and benevolence bore into me. At that moment all the thoughts that has been running in my mind, all the insecurities and all the pain was washed away only to be left with one notion alone—Surrender. 

I surrendered unto him and the whole of my being was filled with him. There was nothing else in my heart and soul. It was as if a lamp was lit in my heart which chased away the darkness and filled every nook and corner with his being.

Tears flew unchecked from my eyes. The eyes are the the windows to a soul. My soul which was overwhelmed by the benevolence that was bestowed on it expressed it through my eyes . I stood there with tears flowing down my cheeks, it seemed like an eternity but it was a matter of few minutes. 

Finally I sensed my worried husband sitting next to me and asking me whether everything was okay.

He decided to classify this experience as a result of being dizzy and moved by the chants and the general atmosphere of the temple.

On the other hand I was the one who experienced that moment of surrender and his blessing. I do not know whether I will experience it again but I know this, HE is always there and people who surrender to him with out any reservations and inhibitions can feel him and see him as I did.