Meandering thoughts………..



Make Love

Cherish me as the wind does the leaves
Love me as the waves does the shore
Hug me as the dew does the flower
Kiss me as the sun does the dew
Kindle the fire in me
Before you devour me


A Kiss

The warmth of his palms
cradled her face
The gentle pressure of his lips on hers
Soothed and fired her soul
That was chilled to the bones


Where art thou?

Where art thou,

words that comfort me?

where art thou,

the smile that melts me?

where art thou,

the fingers that caress me?

where art thou,

the hands that envelop me?

where are thou,

the lips that kiss me?

where art thou,

my beloved who rides the crest with me?



Can’t stay forever…..

I gazed at him, scared even to close my eyelids for a minute, his form relaxed and unguarded in sleep. I smoothed those eyebrows that had frowned at my daughter a couple of hours ago. My fingers traced the aristocratic nose and travelled down to the lips that had curled up in a smile. I wanted to share his dream, a yen to know what had broughtfly away the smile to his lips, those lips that bestows me with kisses when I least expect. He turned over and threw an arm around me, the same hand that holds my life, the same hand that wipes my tears. I hugged him tightly to me and never wanted to let go, but I knew that the day is not far away when he is going to fly away from my arms, he is not going to stay in my arms forever….My son.


Lover’s Touch

Sinewy arms engulfed me

lost myself in that Hug 2secure embrace

Masculine fingers that tuck my hair back

traced a trail from my cheeks to nape to fingertips

I yearn to travel that path in him

hot breath caressed the valley of my nape

to inhale the musky essence of me

voice that trembled 

entreated to lavish kisses there

sensuous lips paid homage to mine


the eyes that smiled down at me

invited my lips to curve with his

the eyes that smile down at me

strikes the death knoll for me…….




The endless conversations through the night

that healed the rip in my heart, dried up the tears 

wish I could carve them in stone,

the gentle brush of your fingers trailing down my arms

I feel it thousand fold on my sensitized skin

my lock of hair that gets tucked by those magical fingers

trail my forehead again and again

so that I can feel that tenderness anew

the sinewy arms that keep me prisoner

willingly I sojourn in that tender manacle 

that makes me feel secure

the sensuous lips that discovers the

planes and valley of my nape stay there till eternity

wish I could capture these moments for aeons to come,

the heart that listens to my confused ravings

continue to listen so,

the mind that guides me to 

understand the cosmos that is beyond me

continue to do so without duress,

memories safely tucked  away endure

as I have promises to keep.







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