Meandering thoughts………..



I remember


I rememberThe silk wrapped delicious chocolates

I remember the gifts from you

the sensuous aroma that kiss my skin

I remember your lips nuzzling me

trying to trace the faint kiss

I remember lounging together

while tenderly your fingers tucked back my hair

I remember the conversations

the comradery, the shared laughter, the flirtatious smile

I remember those lips

that spoke to me and with me

I remember those hands

that gave as well as took

I remember your mastery

as well as your surrender

I remember…….



Lover’s Touch

Sinewy arms engulfed me

lost myself in that Hug 2secure embrace

Masculine fingers that tuck my hair back

traced a trail from my cheeks to nape to fingertips

I yearn to travel that path in him

hot breath caressed the valley of my nape

to inhale the musky essence of me

voice that trembled 

entreated to lavish kisses there

sensuous lips paid homage to mine


the eyes that smiled down at me

invited my lips to curve with his

the eyes that smile down at me

strikes the death knoll for me…….




In the pursuit of perfection

endeavouring to be worthy of other’s praiseregret

the sole aim others’s satisfaction

in every occasion that arise

missed opportunities I regret

muskiness of spring rain

lingering flavour of sinful chocolate

haunting melodies of mournful ballad

marvel of ocean that glitters

sensuous touch of lover that ignites passion

lost in the multitude of roles

miserable soul let me console

as you carry the burden of the cross

Named regret……….






chocolateYour  aroma tickled my nostrils

want to have you till my heart fills

warmth unfurled  from my belly

making my insides dissolve like jelly

want to caress your rich texture

my heart erupted in a rhapsody in rapture 

I don’t want to share you my heart’s desire

I yearn to hoard you like a miser

with a lover’s touch I unveil you

my rich delicious scrumptious creamy chocolate cake….




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