Meandering thoughts………..



The Dark Pit

The dark mist clung to her skin

she clawed through her soul to outcast it

only to fail

sinkhole of hatred,anger and despair

dragged her to the bottomless pit of despair

weighed down by expectations fair and illogical

Cry of help unheard and abandoned

surrendered she to the darkness

with anger and loathing keeping her company

while love fought a lone battle

to cast the thundering blackness out.




Rip in the Soul

the breaker lashed against the rugged terrain

seething fury unleashed

the trapped endurance breached by violence

the pain a rip in the soul

awaiting to heal……






Make me new

The taste of bitter regret

sweetens my soul

the tender touch that

quenched my thirst

remembers my parched soul

words that filled my being

remembers my hungry heart

the spring long forgotten

forbidden melodies that haunt

love that broke me, made me new….



soulHe is waiting

passively he stood

to step in….to reap the soul,

enveloped with love

every smile is borrowed

every word is counted

every hug is monitored.

The bony arm -stay away

do not touch my loved one

foul breath do not waft in

to pollute the living essence,

hold on my loved one

you are on borrowed time

he is out there

standing patiently , dispassionately

to reap you in.



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