Meandering thoughts………..


Who am I


The sky lightened

the vastness engulfed me

Passion burned my soul

searing my being

dredged through my soul

to find answers

that plague me

Am I the desire or hope

Am the thought or reasoning

am I the drop in the ocean

who am I?Who am I




It’s not the title of Jackie Chan’s block buster movie….

I have beewho am In reading Robin Sharma’s The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold his Ferrari. Jonathan, the protagonist has to do a series of tasks, going around the world collecting Talismans. I am not going to summarise the book here. One of the questions that arises is “Who Am I?”

It got me thinking….. and I have been thinking about this a lot, trust me.

I have been trying to answer that question.

Am I a mother, a wife , a daughter, a sister, a daughter in law, a sister-in-law, a friend …..

The list is endless….the roles that I perform in my life is numerous and keeps me occupies majority of the 24 hours.

When am I Kavini ? As Kavini what is my role ? How am I related to the universe. Some one once told me you are what you think you are. Your mind makes you what you are….

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavath Geeta that do your duty without expecting any results. I am doing my duty as a mom, wife, daughter, daughter in law so on and so forth…..

Still the question on Who am I eludes me. As Kavini who am I?  I am all of the roles that I had listed above , but is that all I am?

How am in relationship to everything that is existing around me, the pure form of energy? Do I realise that energy within me? Have I harvested that energy? Will I be able to sync with the other energy forms around me?

Is there a moment in my mind is blank just an awareness of everything that is around me? the stillness of the breeze, the aroma of , where one feels oneness with everything that is around ? I search my soul and still have not found the answer.

Who am I?



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