Meandering thoughts………..




Yearn to hear the haunting melodies

that are never played

yearn to dance the waltz

couldn’t find the feet nor the beatloneliness

yearn to feel the first drop of rain

the clouds are bare

yearn for laughter

where silence is louder

yearn for the companionship

where loneliness reigns

yearn for spring

while autumn rules eternally

yearn to be near

where an abyss separates us…..




My heart yearns

to listensolitude

to the music of still water

to dance

to the tunes of the wind that does not stir

to converse

with me where even two is a crowd

oh solitude where art you?



Wish I could

scamper  up a tree again

wish I could

plunge  into a puddle

wish I could

twirl around silly

wish I could

chat through the night with friends

wish I could 

curl up to sleep ignoring the alarm

wish I could 

receive flowers everyday

wish I could 

inherit my children’s pain

wish I could 

live my dreams

wish I could 

hold on to my daughter’s innocence

wish I could have

remained my father’s daughter!!!!!!!!!!






My dreams  are 

not as deep as the oceandreams

not as towering as the Everest

not as mysterious as the universe.

Tears that peep through my eyes

do not traverse down my cheek

as I dream about holding you prisoner in my eyelashes.

The half forgotten verses of the  stirring  melody

that haunts my soul , keep haunting

as I dream about that melody lingering in my lips.

My darlings with your toothless grin

climb on to my lap

As I dream about keeping you innocence sealed for eternity.

The barren tree

hold on to that last leaf that is fluttering

as I dream about rendering you eternal spring.

The malice that is in people’s heart

that makes them lift a gun against their brothers hear me

as I wish to fill your cup with love so that the hands that gives death bestows hugs

The hands that are empty

that once hugged my friends do not fret

as I dream  they would come back time and again to fill my empty hands.

Lay still my fluttering heart

do not fret that your love might drift off

as I dream about holding  you prisoner forever.

My dreams are not profound

are not soul searching

but filled with yearning of my soul.




















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