Meandering thoughts………..



My Friend……


When an old friend comes knocking

spring  sun breaks through the thundering clouds

ambrosia for the dried parched soul

When an old friend embraces you

its a haunting lullaby that rocks you

its swathed in old quilt in front of blazing fire during cold winter

When an old friend converses with you

its soothing music to the battered soul

When an old friend comes visiting

its time to rejoice with you my mithr…….

Mithr…..FriendMy friend





Yearn to hear the haunting melodies

that are never played

yearn to dance the waltz

couldn’t find the feet nor the beatloneliness

yearn to feel the first drop of rain

the clouds are bare

yearn for laughter

where silence is louder

yearn for the companionship

where loneliness reigns

yearn for spring

while autumn rules eternally

yearn to be near

where an abyss separates us…..




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