Meandering thoughts………..



Smell of summer…..

Let the clothes fade

I smell summer

The frolic had with friends

let me get drenched in rain

My parched soul

drinks from memories past

Let my children sleep in my arms

they would fly away no sooner

than the wink of the eye

let me live’

rather to regret




In the pursuit of perfection

endeavouring to be worthy of other’s praiseregret

the sole aim others’s satisfaction

in every occasion that arise

missed opportunities I regret

muskiness of spring rain

lingering flavour of sinful chocolate

haunting melodies of mournful ballad

marvel of ocean that glitters

sensuous touch of lover that ignites passion

lost in the multitude of roles

miserable soul let me console

as you carry the burden of the cross

Named regret……….





Poised at the brink of the precipice

gazing at the raging waves

crashing at the jagged rocks

the savage beauty alluring

to ride the potent waves.

Effervescent swell rising up

hammering the shoreline to embrace it anew

a violent beauty

a sight that was spectacular

tantalizing my senses obliterating

the warmth left behind.

My heart yearned

to relish , rejoice and lose myself

in that magnificent epitome of nature.

A foot is that needs for the plunge

while the hearth at home beckoned me

the savage  beauty seduced me

a war between the nature and nurture.

Amidst this whirlpool of sensations

stood I a feet closer to precipice.










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