Meandering thoughts………..




The pain ripped her apart

soul shredded to pieces

fragments too minute to put together

flickering hope snuffed

yet another search futile

pain radiating through every pore

anguish trickled tears

gathering her tattered soul

she yet again rose up

defying life as it yet again

tried to vanquish her



Renewed Hope


ruins 1The magnificent ruin

bespoke of dreams shattered

the broken walls

echoing the broken spirit

the shattered window panes

standing witness to the shattered dreams

life once glorified

nothing but a shell with empty promises

where there is death, life valiantly fighting

through the scorched earth

a tendril of life



Deepam 1Deepam 2Deepam 3Deepam 4Radiance fills dark

chasing cobwebs of the mind

hope infuses soul….


Wish I could

scamper  up a tree again

wish I could

plunge  into a puddle

wish I could

twirl around silly

wish I could

chat through the night with friends

wish I could 

curl up to sleep ignoring the alarm

wish I could 

receive flowers everyday

wish I could 

inherit my children’s pain

wish I could 

live my dreams

wish I could 

hold on to my daughter’s innocence

wish I could have

remained my father’s daughter!!!!!!!!!!





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