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The Dark Pit

The dark mist clung to her skin

she clawed through her soul to outcast it

only to fail

sinkhole of hatred,anger and despair

dragged her to the bottomless pit of despair

weighed down by expectations fair and illogical

Cry of help unheard and abandoned

surrendered she to the darkness

with anger and loathing keeping her company

while love fought a lone battle

to cast the thundering blackness out.





Where art thou?

Where art thou,

words that comfort me?

where art thou,

the smile that melts me?

where art thou,

the fingers that caress me?

where art thou,

the hands that envelop me?

where are thou,

the lips that kiss me?

where art thou,

my beloved who rides the crest with me?



Rip in the Soul

the breaker lashed against the rugged terrain

seething fury unleashed

the trapped endurance breached by violence

the pain a rip in the soul

awaiting to heal……








The fire raged within

thoughts churned to birth clarity

genesis of identity.




Make Love

He said he wants to make love to me, he asked about my day. He said he wants to make love to me, shared  his thoughts with me. He said he wants to make love to me, sang for me. He said he wants to make love to me, held me close to dance with me. He said he wants to make love to me, massaged my tired feet.  He said he wants to make love to me, tucked my unruly hair behind my ears, while my hands were filled with flour. He said he he wants to make love me,kissed my forehead. I asked when and he said I have been ….



In the dark woods…Awaits HE

The magical sinister woods , the dark eyed enchanter beckoned me. The warnings I made light off and stepped into the web weaved by him. While others recognized the snare, I glimpsed the intricate beauty. While others recognized the thorn, I gazed at the dew drops on the petals. While others recognized the crumbling walls, the majestic tower I gazed at. While others recognized disdain, I glimpsed love. While the others recognized malice, I witnessed humor. while others disdained the man child, I loved the man child. My dark eyed enchanter, both the thorn and the beauty I  accept.


Window to the soul

Vivacious was she

a ready smile on the painted lips

luscious body supple in cadence to the music

the window to the soul



Daily Prompt: Protest

via Daily Prompt: Protest


Let me be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not disturb my slumber in the very bowels of the Supreme mother. I nestle in the core and am older than anything that is breathing in this Earth. Do not let your greedy sweaty arms, with your prickly instruments of torture, to pry me from the warm womb where I have been cradling in the arms of Morpheus for thousands of years.

Let me be!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may be malleable, nonetheless I abhor the pummeling your young hands inflict on my ancient form .Beaten, forged, shaped, molded to your fancy, so that I, the ancient element can adorn your interim flesh, which is marching towards the day to its merger with ashes and dust.

Let me be Man, for I am GOLD.


There is No Hurry My Dear….


There is no hurry my dear

Seeing you flutter your wings

tugs my heart strings

was it yesterday I treasured you in my womb

now to see a young woman bloom..

There is no hurry my dear

hormones not blood course your veins

I foresee pain

you want to conquer mountains

bed of roses— the rough terrain

while your eyes sight the peak

grueling challenges to your heart does speak

my eyes search for pit falls

my love rushing ahead to sheath them all

There is no hurry my dear

I realize my folly

its the journey you need to walk

while I can walk with you not for you

Its your tears to shed

and my hands to hug and wipe

its your victory dance

while I stand in the stands and cheer

There is no hurry my dear

you still have not metamorphosed

stay in my cocoon for a while

There is no hurry my dear……


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